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November 2012

Those people on the West Coast who would like to receive a printed copy of the Royal Commission's report may either contact us at info@dia.govt.nz or may call into the Department of Internal Affairs office at 146 Mackay Street, Greymouth.


  • 1/11/2012  Discontinuation of the secure website - The Commission provided access to documents on the secure website only for the purpose of participation in the inquiry.

Following the presentation of the Commission's final report to the Governor-General on 30 October 2012, the secure website was discontinued.

For the foreseeable future, the public website, www.pikeriver.royalcommission.govt.nz, will continue.

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  • 6/07/2012  Release of the Commission's report - The commission, in line with its terms of reference, will not be releasing its report. When the report is presented to the Governor-General (28 September 2012) that will be the last formal act of the commission.The report is then the Government's and the release of the report and any comments on it will be a matter for them. 


June 2012

April 2012

  • 4/04/2012  The Commission has completed the public hearings aspect of its inquiries. The Commission will continue its work examining matters relating to Phase Four: Policy Aspects and considering the issues raised in its terms of reference.  It is due to report to the Governor General by 28 September 2012.



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December 2011

                              The December hearings concluded on Friday 9 December.




  • 2/12/2011      Minute No. 9 - Commission decisions in relation to the Department of Labour investigation report


November 2011







  • 7/11/2011   Witness, David Stewart, is appearing before the Commission during the November hearings in his capacity as a Mining Consultant with Minserv International Ltd. The November Hearings Media Release and Hearing Plan have been updated to reflect this.




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