The Royal Commission on the Pike River Coal Mine Tragedy will hear from two Australian experts in relation to the Department of Labour investigation report when its hearings resume in February.

The Commission will also hear from the General Manager of the Department of Labour National Services and Support, a former General Manager at Pike River Coal Ltd and a former Manager of Technical Services at Pike River Coal Ltd.

The hearings on Phase Three, entitled What happened at Pike River? resume on Wednesday 8 February 2012.  The Commission will examine the cause of the explosions and the mine systems, with a focus on the elements that contributed to the initial explosion. 

Pike River Royal Commission Hearings Witness List

Wednesday 8 February – Friday 17 February 2012





8 February



Brett Murray


General Manager, National Services and Support, Department of Labour


David Reece


Consultant from Australia providing expert advice on mine design, ventilation and other matters to the Department of Labour investigative team


13 February 10.00am


Tony Reczek


Consultant from Australia providing expert advice on electrical issues to the Department of Labour investigative team


Douglas White


Former General Manager, Pike River Coal Ltd


Pieter van Rooyen


Former Manager, Technical Services, Pike River Coal Ltd

The hearings are held at the Greymouth District Court, Guinness Street, Greymouth.  The Commission has until Friday 17 February allocated for the hearings.

The hearings will help the Commission’s examination of the matters set out in its Phase Three List of Issues titled “What happened at Pike River?” which is available here.

There are four phases to the Commission’s Inquiry: Phase One-Context, Phase Two-Search and Rescue, Phase Three-What happened at the Pike River Mine and why, and Phase Four-Policy Aspects.