The Royal Commission on the Pike River Coal Mine Tragedy is seeking input on overseas mining regulation and practice, whether extra regulation is needed in New Zealand and the profile of an effective mining inspectorate.

The Commission has also called for final written submissions from participants on any or all matters considered during the inquiry. These are due by 16 March.

A hearing has been scheduled starting on Monday 2 April in Greymouth to hear final submissions and feedback on policy issues. This is subject to the Commission being granted an extension to its reporting date.

“We are seeking information and views about the policy issues we need to address and on options for change,” says Justice Graham Panckhurst, Chairperson of the Commission. “To help guide participants we have identified a series of questions for them to consider.”

The questions relate to mining regulation and recognised practice, the interaction between mining and other legal requirements (including conservation and the environment) and the resourcing and administration a mining inspectorate.

The list of questions is available here in Minute No.10.

“The Commission expects to seek expert advice on the policy issues, and will also hold discussions with parties most affected by particular policy aspects,” says Justice Panckhurst.

“The final submissions hearing will provide an opportunity for both factual and policy questions to be debated in a public forum.”

The policy and submission hearings will follow the resumption of hearings on 8 February looking into Phase Three entitled What happened at Pike River?