Media Advisory - April Hearings Media Arrangements

The Royal Commission on the Pike River Coal Mine Tragedy will hold its final hearings from 9.30am Monday 2 April at the Greymouth District Court, Greymouth.

The hearings provide the opportunity for participants in the Royal Commission inquiry to present final submissions on any matters considered during the inquiry and for factual and policy questions to be aired in a public forum.

A hearing plan including the number of days set aside to hear final submissions will be released shortly.  Participants will have an opportunity to speak to their written submissions and respond to those of other participants, where necessary.

Media accreditation

Media who have not received media accreditation must apply by Wednesday 28 March 2012

The media guidelines and application form to cover the hearings are available here or from the Commission’s Communications Advisor.

The Commission may impose restrictions on coverage, but media will be advised of these at the start of the hearings. Please be familiar with the standard conditions for media coverage in Court (included in the media guidelines referred to above).