Practice Note No. 3

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Documents provided to the Commission pursuant to compulsion

1. For the avoidance of doubt, all documents provided to the Commission, including those supplied pursuant to the Commission’s powers of investigation or a witness summons, must comply with the requirements in the Commission’s Practice Notes.  This includes compliance with:

a)  the technical requirements in Practice Note 2, and

b)  the requirement in paragraph 10 of Practice Note 2 to identify any disclosure restrictions sought in relation to any document provided.

Material to be referred to in hearings

2. Any document referred to in a hearing should be referred to by its full Document ID, e.g. DAO.001.0002.

3. Counsel intending to refer to a document or documents during a hearing should advise the Commission at least 24 hours before the commencement of the witness’s evidence of the Document ID(s) of all documents intended to be referred to.

4. That advice should be sent by email to both:

a); and


5. Where it is intended to refer a witness to a document not already filed with the Commission, an electronic copy of the document should be supplied at least 24 hours before the witness’s evidence to the email addresses in paragraph 4 above.

Electronic submission of documents to the Commission

6. Pursuant to paragraph 1 of Practice Note 2, all documents must be filed in both hard copy and electronic form. 

7. In circumstances of urgency, documents may be filed with the Commission by email, to  Any documents filed by email must comply with the Commission’s Practice Notes.

Individual numbering of documents

8. Every document filed with the Commission must have a separate Document ID, including appendices or attachments to principal documents. 

9. Every document filed with the Commission must be provided as a separate file, named in accordance with its Document ID.

Requests for access to the Secure Website

10. Any request for access to the Secure Website must include advice of the individual’s:

a)  Name;

b)  Email address;

c)  Standing or relationship to the Inquiry.

Requests for access to documents

11. Where a participant has sought and been granted access to documents, the Commission may require the participant to supply a suitable password-protected USB storage device or hard drive.


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Dated 5 August 2011