Phase Two: Search and Rescue hearings

The hearings ran from 5 September to 23 September 2011.

Week One

Monday 5 September



Opening Statement - Counsel Assisting the Commission


Nigel Hughes - Detective Senior Sergeant, New Zealand Police


Johannes Strydom - former Pike River Coal (PRC) Electrician


Daniel Rockhouse  - former PRC Miner

Tuesday 6 September – Thursday 8 September

Douglas White - former PRC General Manager


Daniel Duggan - former PRC Control Room Officer


Neville Rockhouse - former PRC Safety and Training Manager

Friday 9 September

Glenville Stiles - Trainer contracted to Mines Rescue Service


John Taylor - Project Investigations Manager, Solid Energy New Zealand

Week Two

Monday 12 September - Friday 16 September Adrian Couchman - Former PRC Safety Training Co-ordinator 

Grant Nicholls - Assistant Commissioner, New Zealand Police


Gary Knowles - Superintendent, New Zealand Police


Darren Brady - Manager, Safety in Mines Testing and Research Station (Simtars), Queensland.


Timothy Whyte - Industry Health and Safety Representative, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Engineering Union, Australia.


Seamus Devlin - State Manager, NSW Mines Rescue, Australia

Week Three


Monday 19 September

James Stuart-Black - National Manager, Special Operations, New Zealand Fire Service

  Stephen Ellis - Statutory Mine Manager Pike River Coal Ltd (in Receivership


Lesley Haines - Deputy Chief Executive, Labour Group, Department of Labour


Trevor Watts - General Manager, Mines Rescue Service


Craig Smith - General Manager Underground Mines, Solid Energy New Zealand

Thursday 22 September

Lauryn Marden - Family


Tara Kennedy - Family


Sonya Rockhouse - Family


Carol Rose - Family


Marty Palmer - Family


Richard Valli - Family


Bernard Monk - Family

Thursday 22 September/Friday 23 September

Peter Whittall - CEO Pike River Coal Ltd (in Receivership)