List of Counsel Appearing

Current legal counsel identified for interested parties are identified below. These details might change prior to and after the hearings commence. See also Media Release: 11/04/2011 List of Counsel Appearing (.pdf) 70kb


Represented by legal counsel

Royal Commission on Pike River Coal Mine tragedy (Counsel assisting)

James Wilding

Simon Mount 

Kerryn Beaton

(The Crown) – Department of Labour, Department of Conservation, Ministry of Economic Development and Ministry for the Environment

Cameron Mander

Andrew Gane


Nicholas Davidson QC

Richard Raymond

New Zealand Police

Simon Moore SC

Katherine Anderson

New Zealand Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union (EPMU)

Nigel Hampton QC

Rowan Anderson

Pike River Coal Ltd

(in receivership)

Stacey Shortall

Anna Rawlings

Mines Rescue Trust


Garth Galloway

Jonathan Forsay


Mike Heron

New Zealand Oil and Gas

Tim Stephens

Rockwall Automation

John Billington QC

Peter Woods

New Zealand Fire Service Commission

Robert Buchanan

Valley Longwall International Pty Ltd

Richard May

NZ Council of Trade Unions

Ross Wilson

NZ Coal and Carbon Ltd

J Edward Bayley

Coal Services Ltd

Brian Latimour

Pike River Contractors and Suppliers Group

Gregory King

David Butler

Solid Energy NZ Ltd

Craig Stevens

Alison Brown

McConnell  Dowell Constructors Ltd

Grant Nicholson

Sarah-Lee Stead

Leonard Richardson

Desmond Wood

Gary Campbell

Philip Hall